Magical Diary

While trying to expand my Linux game library a few months back I picked up Magical Diary but hadn’t tried it until a week ago or so. At first the game didn’t seem like the greatest visual novel but it kept my interest long enough to start to like it. It’s a fun story, although a bit of a Harry Potter rip off, but what struck me as most interesting were a few moments when some familiar themes were discussed.

The first thing was a talk about sex. Though I suspect they mean gender because the teacher making the comments did use the word identity. I’ve screen-capped a section of the dialog which acknowledges non-binary identities.

magical Diary 1

Then they go on to gender neutral pronouns (pictured below) which I thought was pretty cool.

magical Diary 2

The last screenshot I took is talking about consent which is unfortunately something that some people have trouble understanding so it was nice to see it mentioned in a game like this even if it’s a pretty simple statement.

magical Diary 3

Those weren’t all the topics that caught my interest though. The game mentions multiple partners several times throughout the game. As far as I am aware, the game doesn’t allow you to date more than one person but the brief mentions of Poly-amorous activity is still pretty nice.

Magical Diary also has a few moments of kink mentioned. Specifically some bondage-y stuff including one particularly specific suggestion from the main character to one of her roommates about a fellow student.

There is also a student who seems to be a bit promiscuous. She also happens to be what I interpret as pansexual(including non-humans I imagine based on the description that she’ll flirt with anything). At 2 points in the game can you get affection from her. Once during an election campaign for Class Treasurer where you hug her and she gets a bit inappropriate and another random moment where she tells you to kiss her and you can make the choice to. She’s also described as flirting with one of your roommates and your roommate’s brother (different roommates). I actually really liked the character and had hoped she was more prominently featured.

I had fun finishing the story a few times with different results. I think it was definitely worth a mention.



I was crying, shaking, terrified to go to school. I saw my phone sitting on my desk and thought, “I should text my group to let them know I won’t be in class today.” I picked it up and hit the button. It lights up to reveal my Hanako background image(seen above). Even though I was still crying, I smiled at the sight of her.


I realized we are a bit similar, like I had thought. It’s one of those things that’s as comforting as it is horrible. We’ve both got very different issues that manifest in very similar problems. I never made that connection. The skipping classes has been a bit of a problem for me. Luckily, much like Hanako, some of my professors know about my problems and pretty much don’t mind if I miss frequently.


I just wanted to make a post about the character that is really easy for me to relate to.