Realm of the Mad God – Quick Impression

Not much can be said about Realm of the Mad God. That’s because the download is so short that it takes as long to read impressions as trying it out yourself. If I had to compare Realm of the Mad God to any other game it would probably be Gauntlet.

You start of as a Wizard and other classes become unlocked. Most of the game that I saw consists of running around killing things until you die. You level up and gear falls straight to the floor and anyone can pick it up. The game is massively multiplayer so it is common to see other people running around killing mosters as well. The game features “PermaDeaths,” so you’ll need to make a new character every time you play. That actually gives the game a nice casual arcade feel to it.

The game has 8 bit style art. It has a lot of classes to choose from once you unlock them and it’s free to play on steam.