I Just Beat Zelda II

I was never able to beat Zelda II as a kid. I wasn’t good enough. I’ve known the first half of the game pretty well for a long time. The furthest I had ever gotten before today was the second to the last palace. I never knew that fairies went through locked Doors so I never tried it. After learning that the temple wasn’t so hard.

So finally I was able to make the difficult and infuriating trek to the final dungeon. Which ended up being surprisingly easy. Once you get the hang of killing ghosts, the rest is not falling in the holes. When I saw the final dungeon I got so excited I stopped and took a picture of it. I had never seen it before, and it was quite a site.

Getting past the palace on the other hand is not a simple task. It is sadistically designed and is a maze. You travel a long way just to find a dead end with almost no hope of making it back to the right path.┬áLuckily I’m patient and I mapped out the way as I went so that I could find all the dead ends. After that it was just a matter of checking every way. Which was easy enough albeit a bit tedious. I was exhausted by the time I got to the bird. That’s how they get you. After fighting your way to the boss, your mind and fingers are defeated. After getting to the boss 3 or 4 times, I killed him(or her, etc).


But Link’s Shadow took me, I had so little life that I couldn’t fight on. My fingers ached and I wanted to stop but I had waited 20 years for this fight, I needed to hit him at least once before I went to bed. I persevered. And it turns out, I beat him. with half my life left and enough magic to use life if I needed to, he died. I took him down when I thought I had only a small hope of even hitting him, based on my first attempt.

I couldn’t believe it. I had beaten the game. My favorite game. It’s complete. I’m going to replay it today to see if I can finish the game in a single sitting. I’m so excited!