Metroid II

I had never been to SR388 but the guys and gals on the message boards wanted to do a Metroid marathon. It was week 2. After failing to complete the first game in the series during the first week I was feeling extra motivated to beat the second in the week allotted. My mission is to destroy all the Metroids. I am Samus Aran, bounty hunter.

The game is Metroid II Return of Samus. It was first released in 1991 on Nintendo’s Game Boy. A decade later I first heard of it. A decade after that I embark on my first attempt to complete it.

The mission started out as a brisk walk down into the caverns of SR388 but before long I was fighting for my life. The further I got into the caverns the more dangerous the terrain became and the more intense the combat was. Even as my arsenal improved I found challenges around every rock.

Spoiler warning for anyone who wants to be surprised when you make your own journey. After defeating most of the metroids and on my way to fight the queen just passed the eerily empty passage into her lair, I got a surprise. Eight new metroids just arrived and I didn’t have the only weapon capable of stopping them. I found myself dashing passed them defenseless. After escaping the last metroid I found the weapon I needed in a destroyed Chozo statue. I dispelled the last of the metroids and headed to the queen. She defeated me several times before before I was able to best her.

On my way out of the caverns I discovered the infamous baby metroid. It followed me all the way to my ship and the end of the game. I finished Metroid II with only a few hours left in my allotted time during the second week of the marathon. I had completed my mission.