Random Story

I was browsing the internet on one of my many attempts to find transgender people online in my area. I ended up at the page of someone who goes to my school. I can’t know for sure but I got the indication that the person is transgender(possibly a crossdresser or drag queen). I messaged the person a few days ago but they haven’t responded. I keep checking for a response. I have looked at the little icon that signifies a message many, many times. I almost cried when I found this person (actually I did a little). As it becomes more and more likely that the person will not respond, I feel a great loss. I feel like I ruined the only opportunity I have had to meet a new person who might be trans also.

This makes me think that maybe there are more trans people in this city than I thought but I have no idea how to find them. I almost want to pin a transgender pride flag on my body and hope they find me. The sad truth is that even if I knew how to find anyone I’d be too shy to talk to them. I am terrified of people. I almost had a panic attack sending that one online message to a single person.

Very few people see these posts, but just in case, to any transgender people in the RGV: I’m alone.