Retro Month For TransGamerSociologist


Starting today, for one month, I will play and write about a handful of retro games. I will play each game for a week and then every Friday, I will put up a Mini Retro Review. I really hope you all like old games.

To balance things out and because I haven’t done one in a while, I am also going to be having Monday night personal rants. That makes sense in my head.

I hope at least a couple of you will read and enjoy my reviews.

The first game I will be playing is:

Journey to Silius (NES, 1990)

Rocket Mario 2

I’ve been holding onto this game for almost a year now. A few of us had talked about forming a dev group and upgrading to Game Maker Studio to make a handful of quick games. One idea that was thrown out was to sprite swap this game so that we could release it as it’s own original game. But then that didn’t happen. The dev group just never formed. So, now without any alterations in the past year I give you(not that anyone will play it), Rocket Mario 2:

Part II

The game is just like the first one but there is optional 2 player and a couple bosses. It’s as short as the first one but it’s also harder. I added infinite lives which makes things go much faster. You don’t have to master each level to beat this game. You just keep trying til it’s done. You can download it here or by clicking on the picture above. Some browsers complain about how the game hasn’t been downloaded much and that’s because well, no one plays my games, and it’s new.

If you beat it, don’t erase the rocketmario.sav so you can access the challenge levels. Just click on the star that appears on the title page and good luck; I still have trouble on the challenge levels. Why are they so hard?

(if anyone plays it please leave a comment with your opinion or thoughts so I can keep them in mind if I ever get bored and make a third Rocket Mario)

My Top 5 Favorite Video Game Couples

Because, why not.

(Warning: Spoilers not labeled)

5. Cortana and Master Chief

I like having women in my head telling me what to do. Especially AIs. I love AIs. Because of this, and because they make an attractive couple, Master Chief and Cortana are my fifth favorite couple.

4. Layle and Amidatelion

I didn’t much care for the Yukes. That is until I met Amidatelion. After having to play as Layle, spending the entire game pursuing her I grew to appreciate both the Yukes and Layle and Amidatelion as a couple, a somewhat undefined couple but you can’t deny there was something there.

3. Zelda and Link

Classic gaming couple. How can you not like them? Ever since I started playing the Zelda series with Zelda II, Link and Zelda have been two of my favorite characters and always among my favorite gaming couples. Also, because I can’t choose Link and Link, or Link and Dark Link, despite seeing some cosplay with those couples.

2. Leela and You

Yes, I believe that Leela loves the character controlled by the player. The green clad hero. No, not link. The other silent protagonist. The two meter tall security cyborg.

Durandal says this:

Leela has no knowledge of this
maintenance terminal or she certainly would have prevented me
from reaching you.  Jealous woman."

Clearly there is a type of possessive love that Leela has for the Cyborg. Not unlike Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth.

1. Curly Brace and Quote

Cavestory blew my mind. It quickly became one of my favorite games. After beating the game the first time and seeing that curly was still lying on the ground where I had failed to rescue her I immediately went back and beat the game again in a single sitting just to save her. After receiving the Iron Bond and fighting our way through Hell together, Curly and Quote get my vote for best video game couple ever.