Counting Down

I’m quietly counting down til the end of the semester. It’s also when I’m coming out to my parents. And then two days later, I’m going on a big trip.

Because my father is homophobic I am going to write a letter to my mom and then disappear. Anyone who reads this, feel free to offer any tips you might have for how to word the letter.

I’m a little nervous about that but I’m more nervous about meeting one of my online friends for the first time. (And his parents)

Yup, that’s what’s happening in my life. Exciting times (terrifying).

Random Anecdotes

I worked up the courage to approach the girl from my class who mentioned having a trans friend. It turns out their friend isn’t from the area. I was hoping to get information like who the good therapists were (or which to avoid) and what doctors and other places were good for trans people. I went ahead and gave her my information to pass along to her friend. Never got a reply. So far, not having very much luck making trans friends.

On a cheerier note, my girlfriend and I had some really difficult conversations and I feel like the relationship may be able to survive my transition. She is becoming more accepting of me. She still is having a hard time dealing with it but that’s probably expected.

And some more bad news although to not too great an extent. Without being too specific, both because people probably don’t want to know and my own reluctance to give out that kind of information, I’ve been having trouble finding some of the services that I feel are necessary to be able to better pass as female. I didn’t feel like this town was too small until I started looking for stuff to help my transition.