Just yesterday I went to Game Over to see if they had any good co-op games to play. While browsing a guy asked if my cousin and I wanted to join a Goldeneye Tournament. On a whim, I did and I took first. The person in the photo with me took second. I’m not sure who they are, I didn’t get a name but they were coo.

I also didn’t expect a prize when I entered, but I got one: A gift card (shown above.) With my giftcard I bought Shadowrun (SNES) and a Birdo Plush. Birdo is the first trans character in video games which why I bought the plush. It’s also quite soft.


12 responses to “GoldenEye

  1. Congratulations! Which character did you play as to win the tournament?

    Is Game Over a place that specializes in selling old school video games? That’s pretty neat. I don’t think I’ve seen a brick-and-mortar place that sold classic games in years.

    The Birdo plush is pretty cute. I like that they’ve kept her backstory intact throughout the Mario franchise.

    • I played as Xenia. Back in the day I used to play as Natalia but this time I went with Xenia.

      Yeah, Game Over is one of a few places that sell retro games here in Austin.

      The Birdo plush IS cute! They’ve kinda kept her as trans but America has been a little coy about it.

      • I’ve always had a soft spot for the old school Shadowrun video games. Growing up, I had a Genesis, which never had many RPGs as far as I know, except for Shining in the Darkness and, I think, one of the Star Ocean games. And Shadowrun. Nintendo got all the Final Fantasies and Other Square RPGs– all the RPGs in general, really.

        • Growing up, I had Sadowrun and D&D on the Genesis. I loved both of them in different ways. I also was a huge tabletop RPG nerd so I was very into both those for that reason. I think I had another RPG but I can’t remember which.

          I actually didn’t play many SNES rpg’s other than Super Mario RPG and Dungeon Master.

  2. Neat. I love Munchkin! I’ve played the classic version, space and Cthulhu Munchkin plus all three mixed together. I’d never heard of Boss Monster or Betrayal at House on the Hill, but I just looked them up and they look pretty awesome. I love those “random dungeon builder” type card games.

    • Boss Monster is great. You build your own mini dungeon and heroes come though it. It’s like a card version of My Life as a Dark Lord. The goal s to kill 10 heroes faster than other players.

      Munchkin versions I’ve played are regular, Cthulhu, Bites, zombies and apocalypse.

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