Austin Comic Con


This weekend was Wizard World Comic Con Austin which was also my first convention. I decided to make a sort of fem Young Justice Robin, and my cousin dressed as Conner. We spent most of the first day wandering around, checking out the different booths and looking through the artist gallery. I was very awkward all through the convention but especially this day. I have social anxiety, I’m just glad the show floor wasn’t as loud as even a mall is, where I tend to get dizzy and have trouble breathing, often with or because of crying. I think that helped me stay moderately calm.


The second day I got to meet one of my childhood heroes Jason David Frank, AKA the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers(Picture Above). I also went to a panel by Christopher Judge so I got to see him speaking, which was by far one of the best panels. I bought tons of art prints the second day, including a picture of Buffy The Vampire slayer as a Loteria Card.


The third day was mostly dedicated to going to panels and taking pictures of some of the cooler cosplays, like the one above, the Dark Knight (as he introduced himself) who insisted I be in the picture with him. Unfortunately, our camera crapped out on us and I don’t have any pictures of Conner and I, in fact, that Dark Knight picture was the only decent one with me in it. Panels I got to see the third day were Breaking the Stereotypes, Diversity in Geek Culture, J. August Richards, Alison Mack, and another panel with Jason David Frank. Then we saw the first half of the costume contest and then we left and it was over. I’m now addicted. More cosplay and conventions to come.


8 responses to “Austin Comic Con

  1. Awesome. Glad you ended up seeing Jason after all. What does he do now? Is he still an actor?

    So, I take it the Dark Knight is a medieval Batman?

    I totally dig the Robin costume.

    • I don’t think he was ever just an actor. Although he does some acting, he’s always been a Fighter first and an Actor second. He talked about how when he started power rangers he decided to walk away from a job that paid more, because he believed in the show (he sure was right though). After that I think he was mostly doing MMA stuff and now I think his main thing is fighting schools and stuff like Comic con. And some other stuff, I’m not even sure of everything he does.

      Yeah, that was a Medieval Batman. I think my leather cape makes us fit well together since it adds a bit of dark-ruggedness to my costume.

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it. It’s all hand sewn; it took a lot of work. It simultaneously didn’t come out how I wanted it to, but exceeded my expectations. Especially how well it held together. Going into day one, I expected the costume to rip somewhere since I’m still fairly new to sewing. but it didn’t and I had a blast.

      I looked around online hoping someone who took my picture had gotten a flattering one of me and Conner but I didn’t find anything. So, y’all will just have to imagine Conner standing next to me.

        • They were both interesting. The breaking the stereotypes discussed stereotypes of women in comics. Although I didn’t agree with everything they said. Diversity in geek culture was great. It was hosted by a group called Gay Austin Geeks and talked largely about queer representation in geek culture. Two of the panelists were trans women, one of which works for Bioware. So, that was pretty neat.

          It turns out that group hosts board game nights and other events so I might go check that out

  2. Was the Robin costume the first one you’ve sewn yourself? Or have you made others?

    Also, what’s that green ranger thing in the last picture? Is that the badge to get into the meet-and-greet? And what are those numbers along the right side?

    • This was my first costume, yes. I was working on an R. Dorothy Wayneright costume before but I never finished it because it didn’t fit. But with that one I just sewed the collar and cuffs onto an already made dress.

      The green ranger card is from the Power Rangers Trading Card Game. I had JDF sign it for me. I would have had him sign a replica dagger flute but I don’t own one.

    • Yes, actually. We had so much fun that we want to go to more cons. My cousin and I are planning to go to an anime convention in January. I don’t remember the name of it. There’s also a couple other conventions throughout the year before next years Wizard World Comic Con.

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