Shadowrun (plus personal update)

Things aren’t as desperate as they were last time I posted but not incredibly better so I could still use any commissions I can get, either art or writing. If anyone wants to hire me just email or Skype me.

After months of owning it, I finally got a chance to sit down and relax with some Shadowrun Returns. I finished it today and I have to say I am not at all disappointed. Playing a Decker actually wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. There was only one moment in the game that I enjoyed doing a matrix run and it was partly because I had a team in a fire fight behind my deckers with my men protecting us while we hacked. The story was pretty enjoyable and reminded me a lot of the Genesis Shadowrun (kinda).

Character customization was at about what you’d want as far as stats but if you don’t build a character for combat, then boss battles get a little rough. I decided to ultimately focus on Body, Quickness, Intelligence and Charisma as my stats. And Pistols and decking being my primary skills. I like the talking options that extra charisma gets you, so I usually max that out in games that have it or something like it as an option.

I would definitely recommend Shadowrun Returns for any fans of Shadowrun and anyone looking for a fun turn-based strategy RPG type game.

6 responses to “Shadowrun (plus personal update)

  1. What races can you play in this new Shadowrun? Is it still the standard humans/elves/dwarves/trolls? I haven’t seen the new versions of Shadowrun– computer or tabletop— so I’m not sure where the world is at.
    I loved the classic Sega Shadowrun, but I was a bit annoyed that you could only play a human (I was always partially to trolls in the tabletop RPG. Especially troll deckers).

    Also, does the setting still have that 80s cyberpunk Bladerunner/neuromancer vibe to it? I loved that tone and I really hope they kept it, even if it would look kinda cheesy nowadays.

    • I think you can pick all the standard races. I went with a Human Decker. I can’t check for sure though because I ended up staying in a hotel again, so I don’t have my main computer.

      Shadowrun still feels like a Gibson work to me. I don’t think Shadowrun can get away from it, honestly. It borrowed too heavily from Gibson early on and now no matter how it evolves, it will still be that.

      • What do the cyberspace scenes look like in this version? I remember in the original they looked kinda like The Lawnmower Man or one of those old Mind’s Eye computer animated videos. Your PC was a little single-color hairless avatar who would float along a brightly colored grid battling giant polygons– which I think was another big Gibson reference.

        Sorry to hear you’re stuck in a hotel. Hope everything is all right. Once you get access to your main computer, you should post some screen caps of the game. That’d be pretty neat to see.

        • The Matrix sections are really disappointing. They look like the main game but with everything being blue-ish. like walking around really boring hallways with no walls under blue lights. And it plays just like the outside world. There really is nothing interesting about it. It’s pretty boring.

          And yeah, I loved the Matrix runs on Shadowrun (Genesis). I played way more of that than anything else. I spent hours selling Data from the matrix in order to upgrade my equipment to do even more Matrix stuff. I loved it.

          And sure, once I have some time, I’ll definitely take some screen caps.

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