Transgender Art








CAM01179 - Copy


I submitted a piece to be displayed in my school’s Juried Student Show, and it was actually selected. It’s an Oil Pastel nude of a trans woman. This is a picture of me in front of it during the opening night for the show.

It was an amazing experience to have a piece in a show.  I didn’t think I would be selected but it was. I got to see how many paintings were submitted and it was a lot of stuff.

I think that is also the first time I’ve shared a photograph of me on this blog.


17 responses to “Transgender Art

  1. Congrats, T! Like I told you, I think it’s good enough to be displayed, and I’m happy the people behind the show agrees!

  2. Very cool. I love your use of reds. I can’t tell– is the background a solid color, or is it slightly mottled?
    How long have you been doing oils? I’m always impressed with people who can handle them. I paint in watercolor and acrylics, but I have a really hard time with oils. It feels like painting with peanut butter.

    DId you get much feedback on the painting, by the way?

    • Thanks, I really did want to make it a warm piece so I used a lot of reds or reddish browns. The background is a solid redish brown.

      This is my third piece with Oil pastels, although the previous 2 were for class. so, it’s been about 4 weeks but not consistently because I’ve also been practicing with Prismacolor pencils.

      I didn’t get much feedback actually. My friends liked it, even the ones from class who saw it while walking around the gallery on there own. No one else mentioned anything. I did see a couple girls talking in front of it but I couldn’t get close enough to hear. An older couple carrying an infant ended up running away from my painting XD. quite the reaction. I was happy with it, I hope they thought about why they ran though.

      • Prismacolor colored pencils are really nice. I do some colored pencil work myself, although I really like Blick Art pencils– they’re soft and smooth, almost like pastels. They don’t blend, but you can get some really vibrant colors. I should give oil pastels a try again sometime. I always like experimenting with new media.

        • I think prismacolors are pretty nice. They can blend, but not quite as well as anything else. it’s pretty hard really, but we had to do a piece for class using just primary colors so I’ve had to do some blending and stuff.

  3. Wow, really nice. How long have you been working in oils? I do a little watercolor and acrylic myself, but I could never get the hang of oils– they’re like painting with peanut butter.

    I can’t tell– is the red background solid? Or is there some mottling?

    • I went ahead and approved this comment even though you had added the other one. oops.

      Oil pastels are nice to work with. They take a while to get used to and the smaller details on this face took a lot of work to get right but for most of the body they just blended really well. That’s why I like them actually, I like how blendy they are compared to color pencil.

      • Ha, whoops. Yeah, I posted that first one a couple days ago, but my wifi went out just as I was sending it, so I didn’t think it went through.

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