Hello Readers

If anyone is still following my blog, I just want to say Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, and Happy New year.

My semester ended and I’ve just been enjoying some time off. The end of the semester was pretty rough but I managed an A in Art and a C in ASL which is good enough to let me get into my final set of classes. Which means, other than some financial problems, I am all set to graduate in the Spring.

During my break I’ve just been relaxing and playing games. Been in a Mega Man mood lately. Mega Man X and 3 are the games I’ve been playing from that series. I tried out some of Wii Sports Club and it’s pretty fun, just like Wii Sports was. Also thinking about Castlevania lately. Last time I had a vacation I beat Rondo of Blood for the first time. Wishing I could do something like that again.

So, Thanks readers. Feel free to leave a comment, I like receiving comments. Tell me about your christmas, or your favorite MM/Castlevania games

15 responses to “Hello Readers

  1. Hey, it’s been a while since I read or commented.
    It’s great to hear that you passed your classes and that you’re enjoying some time off.

    I played some Pokemon X and thought it was great! I hadn’t played since Pokemon Gold/Silver and really enjoyed the changes to the game.

    Plus about 400 Pokemon were entirely new to me. 🙂

    I love Honedge/Doubledge/Aegislash — they’re really cool.

    I found breeding some pokemon really relaxing, but haven’t trained up a properly competitive team or anything. I bred a heap of Dratinis because I love Dragonite. I finally got a “perfect” 5 IV one and I was so excited!

    And along the way I bred a shiny Munchlax entirely by accident.
    My housemate and a mutual friend both of whom are way more serious about Pokemon than I am were both shocked… and incredibly jealous. It was quite funny, actually.

    I hope you had a good January.


    • Yeah, so many pokemon being new is great but it’s also a disadvantage if you want to learn to play competitively. I’m a little envious too. I haven’t gotten a shiny at all, despite trying really hard to breed a shiny Ralts.

  2. Hey, I was wondering– since you seem to be a bit of a Castlevania/Metroid fan, have you ever head of a game called Aquaria? It’s an open-world/exploration game similar to them. You play a merwoman named Naija who explores a massive underwater world to try and figure out who she is. It’s a really beautiful, well-done game.

    that’s a bit of a random comment, I guess. But I figured since you’re doing a gaming blog, that might be a fun one to check out.

    • Actually I have heard of it. Back when I still had my linux machine I was looking for games I could play on it and did happen upon that one. It caught my interest but I didn’t really have money so I just put it on my wishlist.

  3. Waw, just found out your blog, and i liked really much (: Im also a social science/sociology student, really into gaming/computer stuff, and i have been discovering a lot about my identity and many trans* issues lately.

    So you seems to like receiving comments and chat, then i decided to write this. Really pleases me to contact people too. I noticed many nice trans* people creating blogs lately, and talking about things that interest and bothers them… maybe i should make one too.

    Oh, i’m also setting up a new desktop, very excited about finally being able to; planning to start a journey on pokemon heartgold and try the new gunz 2 on steam. bye for now

    • Hi. Welcome. If you don’t mind saying, what is your identity? Or what have you discovered about it?

      Getting a new machine is always really fun. I love the feeling of a new box. Exciting times for you.

      • i realized in the last months i’m not very confortable with being a boy; but not being a boy, i don’t know exactly what gender or identity is mine… just decided to take it slowly about this. give it some time to understand it

        i read you managed to bring your computer to your dorm, that’s nice. i’m also finally able to play the things i want, i’m glad…

        • That’s good. Take it slow. You’ll figure it all out.

          And yeah I did bring my machine to the dorm but it’s not fully set up yet. I’m waiting on a Wifi adapter but after that I’ll finally play through all my christmas games.

  4. Hello. I just found your blog. I was Gooling around looking for info on Japanese and/or gamer culture takes on trans issues. I am about to replay Mother 3, and though I love it dearly, the characters of the Magypsies made me distinctly uncomfortable last time. It’s not clear whether they are crossdressers, genderqueer, trans, or just magically combine masculine and feminine traits, but in appearance and vocal affect, they are somewhat troubling. Have you played this game or heard anything about it? I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog.

    • Hi, Thanks for reading; I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I’ve heard of those characters. They do sound a tad confusing but based on what I heard, they are not used as joke characters and are actually important characters or something, which is surprising. I can’t really offer much of an opinion other than that, since I’ve never played the game and haven’t read much about them.

  5. Hey,
    If you ever have the time to do game reviews any more, I’d be curious to read your opinion of these two small indie games called Nightsky and Windosill.

    Nightsky is pretty simple– you maneuver a ball through various terrains and solve physics-based puzzles like ramping the sphere up a curve to make a jump, or balancing on a rotating windmill. It’s kinda like Marble Madness.

    And Windosill is just a fun, short surreal game where you guide a little toy train through a series of weird rooms and solve little mini puzzles. I find it very relaxing to play at night before bed.

    • I’ve heard of Nightsky. I think it was just called Night early in it’s development. I was paying attention to it because it was being made by Nicalis and they also ported Cave Story to the Wii. I’d love to review that. I also kinda really loved Marble Madness as a kid.

      Never heard of the second game but I’ll take a look.

      I’ve actually just brought my computer to the dorm with me a couple days ago. Before, I didn’t have it because I’m in a Double and I was waiting to see if I’d get a new roommate, I did not, so I brought my computer. Now I can actually play games which means I will likely have time to do more reviews. Where before I could only play games on weekends if I went to my parents house.

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