Random Stuff

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since she left. Somehow I simultaneously can’t believe it’s only been two weeks.

I spent the first few days coloring and crying. Then after that I’m not even sure. I got into a sort of rut. It felt like all I was doing was waiting for sunrise.  I’d wake up and talk to a few people. Then they’d all go to sleep and I’d have to wait another 8 hours + before the sun came up before sleeping. I started sleeping on the couch too. And not a lot. I seem to sleep in naps every day. rarely more than 4 hours in a row. Most often 2. And even in that short period, I still wake up more than once before finally deciding I can’t fall back to sleep. And it was just that, for a large part of these two weeks, and change.

To make things worse, while I was busy dealing with personal stuff, I have been having trouble with school. I can’t get registered for some reason, I kept running into problems and then registration ended. It didn’t help that the website kept going down the last week of registration. I’m told I can add classes during add/drop week. Which is now. But the website isn’t letting me. So, I need to get that sorted out fast or I’ll have ruined another semester.

I’ve managed to  do some productive stuff so it hasn’t been all a mess. I’ve started working on a new webcomic called T 2.0. It’s a sequel to girl.T but focusing around new characters and with much less pictures of the main character staring into computer screens although there is some of that just at the beginning. I’m trying to get the website set up to display both my comics so the new comic isn’t up at the moment. I’m also working on a visual novel spin off to girl.T following the story of Rachel Nguyen a few years after she broke up with Lara. I didn’t think I would but I did reference Lara in the script for the new novel a couple times and I’m thinking about giving her a short cameo. I’m having fun with both those projects. I didn’t think I would do so much stuff with girl.T. When I first started it, I didn’t even expect a visual novel version but somehow ended up with one.

OK, well, the Gilmore Girls is about to start; I’ve been watching reruns. SO, I’m going to do that now.


6 responses to “Random Stuff

  1. *hugs* I hope you can get some of this school stuff sorted out because that must suck on top of your housemate leaving.
    I went through some school problems last semester and have been taking a break as a result of that.

    I really hope that your life resumes some semblance of normalcy and you can get better sleep and living soon.

    Ps. Hang in there xxx

    • School stuff kinda sorted out but with the news that due to a recent change in rules I need to take an extra class to graduate which means I’m stuck in this town with no friends til May of next year.

      I’m sleeping a bit better but I’m still on the couch. I can’t seem to relax anywhere else.

      PS. Thanks, I’ll try.

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