Retro Month for TransGamerSociologist is Over

I had a lot of fun playing old games and Writing about them. Sometimes you just need an extra bit of motivation to play some of those old games that you know you love. This time was a little different because I was playing some games I didn’t know about, but I got decent at a few games, and not decent at others. I enjoyed this month so much that I want to do other themed months later this year. I’ve already got a few ideas :3

In case you missed anything here are all my reviews:

Journey to Silius

Ninja Gaiden 2


AD&D Pool of Radiance

Psycho Fox

Guest Review: Fester’s Quest


And my Retro Month personal Rants:

Rant #1

Rant #2

Rant #3

Rant #4

Well, that’s it. I hope some of you had fun reading my retro month stuff. I hope next time y’all join in on the fun and play some old games with me.


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