Retro Mini Review: Psycho Fox

I really like the idea behind Psycho Fox: you’re a happy looking anthro fox running around in a cartoon world and you’ve got some anthro friends you can call on and one friend that you throw at your enemies but he always comes back so it’s ok, unless you get hit, then well, he dies D:

Unfortunately for this game, the idea was better than the execution. The main problem the game faces is that the controls are not good. The momentum is ridiculously slow to build which makes jumping without a good long running start impossible in most sections which leads to many deaths in what should be a simple jump. And the jumping sound is a bit abrasive. Jumping in general is maddening. As a friend said, “see where the psycho in the title comes from.”

The best part of the game for me was in between levels where you’d select a path and the psycho fox would walk through this path and possibly end up in a hole or picking up some bonus items. That part was actually really cool.

This game really has one flaw, but for me, it’s a big one. If the game controlled like a Nintendo game, then it would be easy and much funner, I’d run far enough to turn into the tiger then I’d blaze through the rest using the tigers speed, and I’d never mess up jumps because they’d work how you want them to.


This is the last game in Retro Month. So, I will return to focussing on MMOs and finishing up AD&D Pool of Radiance.


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