Personal Rant #3

I was trying out The Old republic when the internet died on me. Kind of annoying but not a horrible thing, until I found out it would be out for a day, still not horrible but I hate being disconnected from my friends. Well, I decided to stay up all night watching movies and playing Chess and then I took a long nap until it would be fixed.

I got a call from the school telling me that I failed a class and wouldn’t graduate until next semester. I hate being woken up. Especially by the school. Especially when they call me ‘sir’ a dozen times. I was really angry and I couldn’t get right back to sleep so I played Burger Time and talked to my ex on the phone to try to figure out what classes I can take next semester. Then I went back to sleep to wait for the cable to be fixed.

Unfortunately no one told me I was supposed to be the one to answer the door. When I walked into the room with the router expecting a new box there, I was disappointed to find the same old one. I glanced at the lights on it and realized it was still broken. Then I got blamed for the delay even though no one told me to answer the door which was annoying as hell.

Additionally, I woke up with my back aching which made it hard to get comfortable at all this week. It hurt for a few days before starting to feel better.

This was also the day that I was feeling very dysphoric and was struggling with very bad thoughts all day. Overall, it was a pretty bad day.

We passed the time by playing lots of Chess and Goldeneye(N64). It was actually very fun even if I had trouble getting comfortable sitting on the floor that day.

Finally, we got back online but my back made it hard to sit at my computer for long. That very special guy that I often mention decided to say some really nice things to me and buy me FTL to try to cheer me up. Just the nice things he said would have been enough but it was also nice to have a new game.

FTL ended up being really fun. I like it a lot. I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek lately and FTL is almost exactly like playing a Star Trek game. You have to manage your power, control your weapons in combat, and move your crew around if things get damaged. Things can get hectic, but in a good way. The overall concept reminds me of a Sci-fi Oregon Trail, make sure you have enough fuel and equipment to get to your destination, etc, but it’s more complicated.

With my internet back I find myself with a lot of games I can play again. I have a list of MMOs I recently started playing or want to (The Old Republic, Neverwinter, and STO just became a possibility again with my new router).

At a glance I was disappointed to find that The Old Republic seemed like just any other mediocre MMO but then I noticed that the story and the decisions are so much more fun than any normal MMO. The game-play is hardly better than DDO or STO but it manages to interest me because of the cut-scenes and dialog which are very Bioware.

And since I forgot to mention on Friday’s post, the game I’m playing this week is AD&D Pool of Radiance.


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