Personal Rant

I actually have no idea what to write so I’m just going to include lots of random anecdotes. Basically, I’m going to ramble.

Mostly, I’ve been worrying about french. I am bad at learning languages but if I pass this class then I can pick up my diploma in a couple weeks. I’m excited, and terrified. And thankful that it’s almost over, and pleading for more time so I can improve my grade. It’s a mixed feelings kinda time in my life right now.

I got drunk for the first time recently, right after finishing a pretty heavy french assignment and turning it in. My roommate was the one who insisted I buy alcohol. And I drank because I have issues that makes it hard to watch others drink. Things got way out of hand so, I will probably be never drinking again. Although my friend seems to think I will be. He might be right. But, I hope not.

This kid has been talking to me lately. I call him a kid but he’s of legal age. After talking with me a few times, (only one of which was a real conversation), he told me that he loves me and that he wants to be with me. I told him I was taken and he was upset.

I have mixed feelings about the whole deal. I am OK being friends with someone who is in love with me but I’m afraid to encourage him to continue to wait for me in hopes of being with me which he said he would do until I was available and liked him. He has been a good friend, except for one moment when he tried to coerce me into cybering with him, which I did not appreciate. He didn’t try it again after I told him that I would have to block him if he kept it up.

This semester with life and school and trans stuff has been so exhausting that I wish I could take a few weeks/couple months off after the semester ends but I know that if I do that, I will have to wait even longer for all the things I really want, like visiting that special guy I’ve mentioned, or helping my friends pay for surgeries and hormones and other trans stuff. So, I will be trying to get a job as soon as the semester ends. A good one, hopefully, now that I have my degree.

As a side note as my rambling comes to an end, the week has just began and I’ve already beaten this week’s game(Ninja Gaiden 2). I’ll let you guess as to whether that’s a good thing.


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