Rocket Mario 2

I’ve been holding onto this game for almost a year now. A few of us had talked about forming a dev group and upgrading to Game Maker Studio to make a handful of quick games. One idea that was thrown out was to sprite swap this game so that we could release it as it’s own original game. But then that didn’t happen. The dev group just never formed. So, now without any alterations in the past year I give you(not that anyone will play it), Rocket Mario 2:

Part II

The game is just like the first one but there is optional 2 player and a couple bosses. It’s as short as the first one but it’s also harder. I added infinite lives which makes things go much faster. You don’t have to master each level to beat this game. You just keep trying til it’s done. You can download it here or by clicking on the picture above. Some browsers complain about how the game hasn’t been downloaded much and that’s because well, no one plays my games, and it’s new.

If you beat it, don’t erase the rocketmario.sav so you can access the challenge levels. Just click on the star that appears on the title page and good luck; I still have trouble on the challenge levels. Why are they so hard?

(if anyone plays it please leave a comment with your opinion or thoughts so I can keep them in mind if I ever get bored and make a third Rocket Mario)


2 responses to “Rocket Mario 2

  1. That was pretty fun. I like the difficulty of it. Although I must have tried the third level 50 times and still couldn’t beat it. It would probably make for a good mobile game. It reminds me of the challenge in Super Hexagon or 2 Fast 4 Gnomz.

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