My Alaska Trip

I was in Austin less than half a day when I took a vacation. I moved all my stuff there then packed for my trip for Alaska.

Lots of people were surprised I decided to go to Alaska in December. Others were surprised that I was going to travel on an airplane by myself. I hadn’t been on a plane in a decade and never by myself. But it was something I wanted to do.

I was scared but my cousin helped me check in and walked me up til security. Then I was all alone. Security took one look at my ID, then back at me then back at the ID then back at me and I smiled at him; he smiled at me and handed it back then sent me along. That interaction may have been so thorough because everyone was calling me Ma’am along the way but my ID looks very masculine.

It was actually pleasant traveling. The airplane rides were a bit harsh on the back but overall it was a fun experience. I stayed awake and enjoyed the ride my first and shortest flight. The second and possibly longest, I fell asleep before the plane took off and woke 30 minutes before landing.

Interestingly enough I started chatting with the guy beside me. I told him all about NE and he told me about his work and what games he plays. Got him talking about DOTA and he went on for like 15 minutes as the plane was descending for it’s landing. He was nice and it was good for me to be more social.

Air travel is actually pretty fun. Air ports are designed like Malls which appeals to my consumer-culture brainwashing. And the food options were pretty varied. I chose to buy a subway sandwich but the pizza was also calling me.

When I finally got to Alaska I spotted my friend right away and walked toward him. We exchanged ‘hi’s and went on our way.

Alaska was quite a change. I wore a shirt when I left the house in Austin but Alaska was at like below zero.

Driving around town I could see mountains and snow, neither of which were familiar to me. It was a great sight.

The highlight of the trip had to be my friend and his family. I had never been to a place where I was called female and called by my actual name all the time. At home people call me by my legal name. That was nice for me. They were very welcoming and very nice to me. I was afraid to say something that might offend them since they are a nice christian family and I’m a weird, crude and often tactless Neo-pagan but everything went fine.

A lot of the experience was new to me. For one thing, I had never eaten Supper as a family before. Nor pre-supper prayers. Though, my friend seemed less enthusiastic about them as I thought he’d be. The moment the prayer was done, conversation came bursting from his mouth and we began eating. I got asked a lot of questions which was surprisingly pleasant.

Most of my time in Alaska was spent playing video games or watching my friend play video games while we talk about them or watching random bits of Anime/shows. I saw part of the anniversary of the Japanese Power Rangers which was amazing. Such a fun show. I also got to try out the Wii U for the first time and that was pretty fun, but I own it by now so it’s almost insignificant to talk about my impressions from then.

It was a really good time. And being called ma’am and Theresa so much really built up my confidence. I was sad when it ended. I cried at the airport 3 times(there was a long wait for my plane). But I knew I was going somewhere great, so I took a nap and woke up ready to meet the woman that I love.. but that’s a story for next time.


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