Magic Appearing letter

That’s what I called the plan. I was afraid of my father. Very afraid. History of homophobia + has guns = me scared, but I needed to come out. So, I decided to wait til two days before moving to Austin. Then I secretly placed a letter on the table where they keep the keys. After that, I disappeared. I went completely dark. I was nigh unreachable.

I sat in a hotel room surfing the internet waiting for the call from my brother to tell me how they reacted. It was much later than I thought before I heard from him. He texted. The texts were not happy ones. I think he got upset that he was put in the middle of it all. I didn’t even think of that. I was more concerned with not being attacked that I didn’t consider that it would turn out badly for him.

Then I had an email in my inbox. My mom asking me to call her and insisting that we still have a dinner that we had planned to celebrate my ex’s graduation. Was odd but I made contact. Was terrified. According to everyone my dad was being very quiet but no one told me if he was mad or not.

The funniest thing happened. They were totally OK with it. We actually went to that dinner and I got a picture of myself next to my mom in somewhat feminine clothes(fem enough to be called ‘miss’ by the waiter). The food was pretty Decent too. I even went to visit them before taking off for Austin.

And that was it? Story over happy ending? Pretty much. At least that chapter for now.

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