Lots of Big Changes

Personal Stuff:

A lot has happened in my life that I want to discuss but there are too many things to fit into one blog post so instead I will post an outline of what you may expect me to post about in the next few weeks. In the order they happened, this is a list of recent events:

  • I came out to my parents.
  • Moved to Austin.
  • Took a trip to Alaska(yes, in December).
  • Took a trip to Denver
  • Lost all hope of dating someone I was interested in(didn’t respond well to that – and interested in may be an understatement).
  • Met a girl
  • Moved back to Brownsville.
  • Brought the girl out to live with me in Brownsville after knowing her less than a week.

All of this since mid December. It’s been a couple weeks now and things are settling. Nothing has really happened since then so I am finding myself with enough time to finally start writing about my life.

Video Game stuff:

I got so many games for Christmas that I haven’t gotten a chance to try them all yet. So far I am loving Saints Row: the Third and hating Dark Souls.

I got a Wii U too. I only bought NSMBU and BLOPS2. I want ZombiU but I am waiting til a friend gets it too. If you want to add me my NNID is Osmicow but leave a comment here so I know it’s you otherwise I may not accept.

Other Stuff:

Lastly, I was talking to a fellow writer (and one of my colleagues at NE, for lack of a better term) and the topic of being read came up. I told him that he at least he had a large following when he posts stuff at NE. Eventually I started talking about the few people that read me. And I realized that I really love my small group of readers. I’ve talked to a few of you personally and a few others have left comments, but unlike the comments my friend may get at NE, the comments here are more personal and sometimes ask for my opinion on things rather than just leaving theirs (which is fine too). I really am lucky to have such a great group of readers. Thank you readers, however many of you there might be.


6 responses to “Lots of Big Changes

    • Hard to say. The controls and attack animations feel wonky/off. And in general it’s hard for me to get motivated in a sort of open world go explore and kill stuff kinda game. That’s why I quit Skyrim after I got married. Also, I’m not sure I appreciate the style. I had to make up my own little story in order to get motivated. I don’t know, there’s probably something I’m missing but so far I am unimpressed. Wasn’t that impressed by Torchlight 2 either.

      • Well, if you want story to get motivated, check out epicnamebro’s lore videos. The game has a lot of great lore that’s easy to miss(because it’s all in item discriptions). I’d say try to get to the first bell of awakening before quiting, unless you’ve already gotten there.

      • Bell of awakening. :p The guy at firelink mentions two bells, one above, and one below. The first one is above, in a church. Hmm… What system are you playing on? We could possibly go co-op togeather. 😮

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