I was crying, shaking, terrified to go to school. I saw my phone sitting on my desk and thought, “I should text my group to let them know I won’t be in class today.” I picked it up and hit the button. It lights up to reveal my Hanako background image(seen above). Even though I was still crying, I smiled at the sight of her.


I realized we are a bit similar, like I had thought. It’s one of those things that’s as comforting as it is horrible. We’ve both got very different issues that manifest in very similar problems. I never made that connection. The skipping classes has been a bit of a problem for me. Luckily, much like Hanako, some of my professors know about my problems and pretty much don’t mind if I miss frequently.


I just wanted to make a post about the character that is really easy for me to relate to.


4 responses to “Hanako

  1. I’ve never played visual novels before, but I think someday I’d like to give Katawa Shoujo a try. It sounds like such a sweet, charming premise. I’ll admit I have a bit of soft spot for people with disabilities since I have a number of friends and family with disabilities, mental illnesses or medical conditions, and I always like seeing things like this that destigmatize and humanize people like them who often get swept under the rug or pitied (which has got to be one of the most annoying things someone can do, even if their heart is in the right place. No one wants to be pitied).

    Also, I like Hanako’s “cabbie” hat in the first picture. Or is it a “Parisian street urchin” cap? Maybe a “newsie” cap?

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