10th Anniversary of Metroid Fusion

Ten years ago one of my favorite games was released. I would rank it about third of all the games ever made. It’s the game that introduced me to Metroid and is to date my favorite Metroid game. I just wanted to acknowledge the anniversary of Metroid Fusion. I’ve noticed a lot of people remembering Prime but not Fusion.

Probably the most memorable moment was one of the first times you see the SA-X (which is Samus’ power suit infected by an X parasite). It’s a tense moment. Probably because the game tells you that you can’t beat the SA-X. You continue to encounter the SA-X throughout the game and every time it’s a scary moment.

Metroid Fusion was a hard game for me. I didn’t beat it til after I started playing Hunters years later. It was a satisfying ending because of the difficulty.

The game gave us a deeper look into Samus’ past and our first glimpse into her mind. I hope others are remembering this amazing game. Here’s hoping for a Metroid 5 soon.


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