Life sucks sometimes. I have nearly zero friends RL. I look horrible(too masculine). Two of my few online friends are  pushing me away. I get lonely but no one wants me. I’m just an undesirable wretch.

I make it all worse by allowing myself to have delusions like that someone might want me if I wait around long enough or that someone cares for me when they don’t. Those are specific cases; don’t view it generally.

I am  broken. and sad.


3 responses to “SUCKS

  1. Honey, you should join some communities for trans people online. There’s SO much support out there and so many people who can care for you.

      • And it likely won’t be that way for a long time. This kind of pain is a lingering one that takes a long time to really overcome. I still have problems with Dysphoria myself and I have an entire residence house of 100 people who all have my back and care for me. It’s not rational because emotion isn’t rational. You have to understand that it’s the same for the feeling that no one would want to be your friend or care about you. That simply isn’t true. If you have a hard time believing anything else, at least believe that I care how you’re doing and I will be following your blog to see how you are.

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