Cheating Online?

       Is it possible? I have always had limits. There is a line that I can not cross with online interactions. I’ve gotten near that line before but I never crossed it. I do a lot of harmless flirting but never anything serious and never with any real intent. I have one partner who gives me what I need and no one else, not even online.

       Recently, though, someone was able to make me not only cross that line but shatter the boundaries of what I think is appropriate online behavior. I won’t go into the specifics of my actions but I will say that I told the person that I have a partner several times. I stopped things before they moved too far. But the guy charmed me and slowly crossed the barrier. He did so in such a way that I could not help but participate because I liked it.

       I told a few of my friends what I did in detail and the consensus was that I did nothing wrong. That, what I did wasn’t cheating. Even still, I felt bad for doing it. I know that in contrast my partner probably wouldn’t even like the friendly flirting. She has told me before that she thinks I am having affairs with some of the people I meet. Esp. the trans girls. My friends disagree.

       One of those friends told me that nothing online is cheating and that even some stuff offline isn’t cheating. I was a little shocked by this perspective. It differed from my own greatly but it got me thinking about it.

       Then something happened to make it worse. The guy treated me very nicely. The relationship turned a bit sweet. It started to be a little more than just physical. He made me feel like a girl in a way that no one else ever did especially my partner. He started to satisfy my needs that weren’t being met anywhere else.

       Even with that my friends didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. But I was conflicted. Part of me didn’t want to continue this online relationship but I knew that I couldn’t let it go, because he made me feel good.

       I don’t know where I crossed the line, but after I took one step past my own limit I found it easier to move further beyond it. After that, I felt changed. Like something about me would never be the same again. Despite those feelings, I feel it was good for me which points to some other problems but that’s another story. What do you think? Where is the limit? Can you cheat online?


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