Playing DDR again (Part 2)

       When I saw a girl standing near the machine I thought, “Crap! Her boyfriend’s playing the machine and she’s waiting for him.” I’ve seen it before. And sometimes I don’t end up playing because I don’t want to keep my partner waiting. When I got close enough to get a clear line of sight on the machine I realized I was completely wrong. There was 5 or 6 guys standing around the machine and one guy playing. She wasn’t with any of them. He was pretty good. He used the bar but he didn’t stick to it. I felt awkward waiting for a turn after him. I didn’t think I was good enough.

       Then, when he was done, he and his buddies walked away from the machine. I hesitated for a second to make sure no one was in line and I stepped on the pad and put in my 75 cents. Then they came back before I choose my song.

       I didn’t want to fail on a song like I did last time and end up wasting my turn so I decided to play without a bar and do songs that I know I can beat. I took my 3 songs and then stepped off the machine for a short breather. I was walking around the area near the machine for a minute when the kid approached me. “That was crazy. How did you do that without the Bar?” he asked.

       “I never learned to use the bar,” I answered.

       He said a few other things then took his turn. Afterward, he and his friends left so I took another turn but decided it was a good time to use the bar. I played a song and did decent but failed. I feel like I was using the bar wrong but I’ll do better next time. Then he came back while I was resting and he did another turn. During it my Partner showed up and wanted to leave so I bailed.

       It was weird to play like that again. But I found that I had forgotten the benefit of watching someone play. I feel like I was getting better at reading the arrows just by watching. Hopefully, I will be even better tomorrow.


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