Playing DDR again

      I’ve started playing DDR again. Mostly to get in shape but also because I miss it and because I want to be more like one of my friends who also plays dance games. I miss the days when I could spend all day at the arcade playing DDR. There was a lot of us back then. I didn’t know all of them but I did talk to a few of them including the girl who worked there.

      When my friend talks about dance games and the community she was a part of, it makes me wish I had been more social when there was more people around. Playing the game again makes me feel connected to a community that isn’t there anymore and that I never really knew.

      I played for years without using the bar but that same friend asked me to learn. It’s supposed to be more efficient or something. And even though it kind of defeats the purpose of tiring myself out and despite the fact that getting good again won’t matter because there is no one around to play against, I still want to do what she asked of me and I want to be good again. Maybe just good enough to beat Max 300.

      It’s been almost a decade now and I don’t know why I stopped. I never quit, it just got harder and harder to get to the arcade.

Copied/Edited from a conversation:

      Recently, I played a song and sucked bad, but only because I could feel a couple watching me. It turned out not to be a couple, just 2 guys that didn’t seem romantic at all. I stepped off the machine. “What song was that?” one said.

      “A,” I responded.

      “What song??” he asked again.

      “A,” I said again.

      “Like the letter,” He asked.


      After that, I knew I had to tire myself out but didn’t have much money left so I did the songs I knew. I passed 2 songs then almost passed Des Row. I was disappointed how close I got only to fail.


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