Random Story 2 +random anecdote

I was in class, Literature by Women, the topic was Gender. A girl raised her hand and started making her point. Then she started talking about one of her close friends “[something something] boy who used to be a girl.” If I hadn’t become proficient in hiding my emotions it would have become apparent to the entire class that I was very excited to hear it.

As awkward as it will be, I fully intend to make an effort to meet that person. I’m excited and scared at the same time. I was unable to talk to the girl with the trans friend after class. We got let out late and I had to rush across campus. It’s not a terribly large school but finding her would be nearly impossible. I have to wait til Tuesday to talk to her. I honestly have no idea how to proceed. I can not ruin this opportunity. I am really scared that they won’t talk with me. Last time I found a possible trans person I was unable to make contact. I don’t want to repeat that.

Additionally, and possibly as important, I began making calls for a new therapist. The last one certainly did not leave the bar very high. I don’t have an appointment yet but I hope to soon, possibly within the week.


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