This last week of school has been hectic. I had a presentation, a 10 page paper, and a lot of reading on symbolic interaction. It’s a surprise that I’ve had any time to get depressed but I have. The last story I posted has been getting to me a lot lately. By now it is certain that the person I messaged won’t respond. Being on the internet as often as I am is a constant reminder that I am not getting a response and keeps bringing me down. Lately, I’ve been distracting myself with Mass Effect 2 and New Vegas.

I completely failed at NaNoWriMo. that’s not surprising with such a difficult semester. I also recently submitted a short to a publisher for a collection of literature and I don’t think it has gotten selected. I think I would have heard something by now.

5 responses to “Rambling

  1. Well, they’re both excellent games, to be sure. Don’t stress about Nanowrimo, OR getting published. The key to getting published isn’t being first picked – it’s submitting until you ARE picked. Especially in college, it’s best to worry about that second, and just getting through your degree first.

    And hey, semester break should be on it’s way!

    • They certainly are great games. I’m not too worried about getting published but it was the first collection of trans literature by a new publication company and I was hoping to be part of it.

      It’s funny you say that semester break is on it’s way because I only have finals left but then I go straight into the Winter semester for two straight weeks of an online course. After that I get to relax til the spring semester in January.

  2. I was just wondering. Are there any forums or message boards for transgender discussion? Like a place where people can go for support and talk about issues they are embarrassed to bring up in real life? Sometimes you meet really nice people online and we both know a couple who got married from meeting on IGN.

    • Yeah, there are plenty of places online to meet people and get support. I participate at a couple places. It is helpful but it would be nice to meet people in my area.

      I actually met a girl at IGN who has been the person who has helped me the most. She gave me advice for coming out to my girlfriend and helped me find good websites and possibly most importantly, she listened.

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